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Taalrumiq - Inuvialuk Artist, Fashion Designer, Cultural Educator, Digital Content Creator

Fashion Design

As a contemporary Indigenous Inuvialuk Fashion Designer, Taalrumiq (English name Christina Gruben King) shares Inuvialuit culture with the world through creating meaningful Inuvialuit couture pieces, garments and accessories, incorporating traditional designs with a contemporary vision, each piece with a story to tell. Using the same skills, talent and passion inherited from her long matrilineal line of expert Inuit Seamstresses and Gwich'in Jijuu, what was once necessary for survival is now not only for survival but cultural preservation, reclaiming and taking pride in Indigenous identity, storytelling and creative expression. Inuvialuit culture and history from an Inuvialuit perspective.

Indigenous Haute Couture Fashion Residency



Taalrumiq, Inuvialuit Fortitude, 2021.  Pandemic mask made of red sealskin with fringe, geometric trim, beads, sequins, birch bark, ptarmigan feather.

Fine Art

Using ancient traditional materials that my mother, grandmothers and ancestors used, I create original Inuit fine art that references Inuvialuit history and our contemporary existence and experience in today's world. See my fine art pieces currently in various exhibits across Canada including Breathe. and Breathe II at the Whyte Museum of the Rockies in Banff, AB, 'Unmasking the Pandemic, from personal protection to personal expression' at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, ON and a public Mural Art collaboration at the Home Base Youth Centre in Yellowknife, NT.

The Bounty of Our Land Pandemic Mask

Digital Content

Sharing Inuvialuit culture with the world through digital content creation. Original skits, humour, compelling educational short format videos featuring Inuvialuit culture, clothing, traditional cuisine and our beautiful landscape. Inuvialuit-izing popular trends ensuring representation and visibility on various platforms. Inuvialuit culture, history and daily life from an authentic voice and Inuvialuit persepective. Graduate of the inaugural 2021 Tiktok Acclerator for Indigenous Creators Program presented by the National Screen Institute of Canada.


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Cultural Educator

Traditional knowledge and Cultural Background: Born in a segregated Indian Hospital to an Inuvialuk Mother and Gwich'in Father, I was raised with my Inuvialuit family and community in Tuktuuyaqtuuq, Inuvialuit Settlement Region on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Formal education Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology (Home Economics/Fashion Studies), Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education and Journeyman Red Seal in Hairstyling.

Workshops: Sealskin Solidarity Heart Pin sewing workshop to bring awareness and facilitate conversation about the Residential School System and healing through sewing with an ancient Inuit material. Sealskin Rainbow pins, Sealskin & fox fur beaded earrings.

Public Speaking - Cultural presentations, cultural education, motivational speaking.

Social Media Training - Facilitate learning for creating, growing and maintaining a social media presence.

Social Media

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Taalrumiq, 2020, original Foxy Inukshuk earrings.  Beaded Inukshuk on gold leather backed with silver fox fur.

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Mission Statement

Sharing Inuvialuit culture with the world through art, design, cultural education and digital content. Encouraging pride in & reclaiming Indigenous identity and healing of intergenerational trauma.