Mission Statement

Sharing Inuvialuit culture with the world through art, design, cultural education and digital content. Encouraging pride in & reclaiming Indigenous identity and healing of intergenerational trauma.

Taalrumiq - Inuvialuk Artist, Fashion Designer, Cultural Educator, Digital Content Creator

Fashion Designer & Artist

As an Indigenous Fashion Designer, Taalrumiq shares Inuvialuit culture with the world through creating meaningful fine art, couture pieces, garments and accessories, incorporating traditional designs with a contemporary vision, each piece with a story to tell.

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Digital Content Creator

Sharing Inuvialuit culture with the world through digital content creation. Featuring original skits, humour, compelling educational short format videos featuring Inuvialuit culture, clothing, traditional cuisine and the beautiful landscape of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.

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Taalrumiq, 2020, original Foxy Inukshuk earrings.  Beaded Inukshuk on gold leather backed with silver fox fur.

Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Taalrumiq's website! Each piece, meticulously crafted, blends traditional Inuvialuit artistry with contemporary fashion. Stay tuned for the grand launch and be among the first to experience the fusion of timeless tradition and modern elegance. Subscribe Below!